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Peeling and selling ready-to-cook potatoes has been at the heart of the Conapak Produce Company family business for 50 years in Ballarat since 1967.

Supplying year-round, fresh vegetables in both small and large quantities – Conapak Produce Company source all-Australian grown and processed from all-over the country across the growing seasons to ensure constant supply for their buyers.

From home cooks, to large wholesalers, hotels, aged-care/retirement facilities and takeaway shops – the difference with Conapak is the home-style service that the business prides itself on.
The staff are personable and back their product 100 % - as their attention to detail and safety standards are paramount to the long-running success of their operation.

The down-to earth nature of the business, has meant they have supplied to large supermarket chains in the past – but decided to turn their focus to the ever-growing needs of the hospitality industry.

Owner, Michael Britt said his direct and old-school approach to making sure everything is consistently perfect in his business is his motto that, "We aim to please”.

Tonnes of fresh vegetables arrive at the processing plant in Ballarat every day – where the vegetables are peeled and bagged according to orders, and delivered to local areas and Melbourne on a daily basis.

And the family-run business is committed to minimising its environmental impact – by utilising the peeled vegetable offcuts for cattle stockfeed to local farmers.


Up to 800 tonne of potatoes, 120 tonnes of carrots, 50 tonnes of onions, 50 tonnes of hand-peeled sweet potatoes and 200 tonne of pumpkin are processed a year in the Ballarat-based processing plant.

About Conapak
Secretary Elise Murphy and Owner Michael Britt.